Tahug ตาฮัก


"make new friends ..."

Tahug ตาฮัก A place to find new friends.
It`s a messenger. It`s a dating app. It`s FREE.

Tahug Coins

Coins are used to buy other users gifts or to generate earnings in Tahug.

How to get coins:

Coins are earned through time spend online. When you are online in Tahug, it is creating coins for you.
You also get coins from the gifts people send to you. Nice people get nice gifts 😍
Coins can also be bought online by payment channels (open soon).

How to spend coins:

Coins are used in the Tahug giftshop, where you can get gift to give to other users. You can't buy gifts for yourself.

How to withdraw coins:

If you have coins you can withdraw them by transfering them to ServiceD wallet where you get them by Bank transfer, PromptPay or Western Union. If you do not have a wallet at ServiceD.com, the system creates one for you.

[available in a few days]

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